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Wellbeing Week for Year 12

Sixth Form

17 June 2022

With half the year group enjoying sun, sea and sand on the surfing trip to Cornwall, the rest of Year 12 took part in a Wellbeing Week that included a visit to Cannon Hill Park, a walking tour around Birmingham and a trip to the Jewellery Quarter’s Pen Museum. After completing our end of year deadlines and exams, Year 12 took a well-deserved week out to reflect and recalibrate after the strains and stresses of the past few months.

The week started with the girls testing out their cooking skills in the Food and Nutrition room, working in pairs to bake a batch of cookies and then trying out an eggless cookie recipe. Year 12 were then given the task of guessing the price of supermarket items and planning a student meal on a budget - great preparation for university!
On Tuesday, Year 12 visited Cannon Hill Park and the Midlands Arts Centre, enjoying the warm weather and exploring the displays the MAC had to offer. We discovered the London-based artist Sharon Walters’ exhibition titled ‘Seeing Ourselves’, featuring paper cut pieces and collages made to elevate and celebrate Black women.

The following day, the group took part in a Digital Skill Development Day and were given the task of creating a student video to promote the Sixth Form to new pupils and parents. We were split into several groups and had the school day to complete our creations. Mrs Ehiogu and Mr Skilbeck chose one video out of the collection, which the entire group then worked on collaboratively on Friday. The girls used their creative, digital and communication skills to work together as a team and create an effective final product.

Thursday’s trip was enjoyed by most with Year 12 taking a trip to the Pen Museum, discovering the ins and outs of the pen-making world. We were mesmerised to learn that during the 19th century, 70% of pens used worldwide were made in Birmingham. The museum offered a range of tasks including a typewriter challenge to see how many words we could type in a minute; and a graphology test, analysing our handwriting and seeing which celebrity our writing was most like! Some girls took part in quizzes, tried their hand at calligraphy and dressed up as pupils from the 19th century.

The day concluded with a walking tour around Birmingham, focusing on the city’s rich history in art, music, literature and more. With headphones in and hoods up, we walked through the Birmingham rain, learning about the different landmarks, such as the canals and the Black Sabbath tribute bench. It was a great day out and enjoyed by the whole group.

The week ended with a morning of finalising Wednesday’s videos and a relaxing afternoon spent bowling at Broadway Plaza.

Thank you to Mrs Ehiogu, Mrs Smith and Mr Skilbeck for all of their hard work this week to make sure everything ran smoothly! Also huge thanks to Ms Hayday, Ms O’Hare, Mrs Harris and the amazing Mr Hall and the catering team.

Gursharan Bhamra, Year 12

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