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Wellbeing Boost for Year 10

11 March 2022

Following assessment week, we wanted to treat Year 10 for their hard work and resilience. We planned a day on the theme of positive mental health, which also complements the PSHEE work they complete in their Year 10 Tutorial. 

The day began with a talk from the Self Esteem Team, who are phenomenal at issuing practical strategies for coping with stress and personal image. Pupils are looking forward to trying their three week Mental Health Challenge and we look forward to hearing how they fare. 

The girls then participated in a special speed dating event, which saw them take part in short, informal conversations to break the ice and speak to girls outside their usual friendship groups and forms. 

The next event was exercise based, designed to de-stress and decompress: a high energy boxercise routine followed by a programme of relaxation exercises. The girls thoroughly enjoyed learning the routine and unwinding afterwards and it gave a lovely opportunity to reflect on the workshop. 

Following this the girls were tasked with getting creative with some craft activities. They transformed blank tote bags using fabric pens to make their very own wellbeing bags, and some of the designs were stunning and looked ready to be sold in a shop! 

In the afternoon the girls watched a film in the Octagon choosing the feel-good ‘Mamma Mia’ and singing along to the much-loved ABBA music and relaxing after what had been a busy day. 

We are thrilled that the girls had a fantastic day and we hope that they all found a new friend, skill or mental health tool to enhance the rest of Year 10 and beyond. 

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