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Wear it Pink

05 November 2021

At EHS, the girls are always keen to support charity and to help others.

On Wednesday 20 October, the last day of the half term, the whole school appeared in a rosy glow as we joined the National campaign to ‘Wear it Pink’ in support of breast cancer care. Girls and staff from Nursery to Sixth Form dressed in pink and made a donation to support medical research.

There were activities to enjoy too.  In Westbourne the Reception girls made some beautiful flower collages and accessorised their pink outfits by making designer handbags. There was great excitement as they used their design skills to decorate cakes and biscuits. Their activities concluded with some writing based on the letter p.

In Nursery the girls discussed the range of pink items they had discovered and created pink collage pictures by using their fine motor skills to cut out a mixture of shapes.

Girls in the Prep Department also put their design skills to good use as they designed pairs of pink pyjamas.  We wish many of these were available to buy in the shops.

Students in the Senior School and Sixth Form were no less enthusiastic, taking the opportunity to wear as many shades of pink as they could muster.

A total of £954 was raised across the school and donated to the ‘Wear it Pink’ cause.

Thank you everyone.

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