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A closer look at science on Medical Physics Day

17 November 2017

On Tuesday, a team of scientists from Birmingham University visited the school as we hosted a day to celebrate the fifth International Day of Medical Physics.

Girls in Year 10, 11 and 12 visited several 'information stations' that had been set up, all linked to the GCSE curriculum. The pupils discussed how radiotherapy treatment is planned and targeted at a tumor. This involved making plaster casts of hands using thermoplastic. There was a risk designed quiz where girls discussed risk as part of everyday life. This included a demonstration of a Geiger counter to monitor background radiation. Nerf guns were used to represent sources of radiation and it was explained how different radioactive particles can penetrate different distances. Finally a model of a baby in a womb, which is used to train sonographers, was used to show how ultra sound works.

Girls enjoyed the activities which were useful in consolidating their science lessons. We wish to thank the team from the Medical Physics Department at the University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust for giving us the opportunity to experience these fascinating aspects of science.

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