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Tudor Experience for Year 4

26 November 2021

On a bright, sunny and cold Monday morning Year 4 donned their hats, coats and gloves. Clutching packed lunches, fifty very excited girls and teaching staff boarded the coach bound for Selly Manor. On arrival we all decamped into the medieval hall of Minworth Greaves, dating from the fourteenth century, and this building was an ideal place for us to begin our journey back in time to experience Tudor life. The girls dressed in Tudor style and thoroughly enjoyed playing games that children would have played at that time, some of which are still played today.

We met our guides for the day and began our Selly Manor adventure. First, we learned all about how Tudor houses were constructed, including the less than pleasant ingredients contained in the daub used to cover the walls. In the Tudor kitchen, the girls particularly enjoyed learning how the Tudors prepared and cooked their food. We were shown a Settle Table, which could be used as a chair, a cupboard and a kitchen table. We also had the chance to handle various herbs and spices that would have been used to flavour the food of rich Tudors. 

Lunch followed, and then it was back to the Manor to explore Tudor bedrooms and find out what a chamber pot was for! The girls were able to put on various pieces of Tudor armour and had to try to find Selly Manor’s secret room. Finally, we visited the gift shop and even had time to play in the beautiful gardens. 

Tired but happy, we got back on the coach and travelled back to school and the 21st century having learned a lot about Tudor life.

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