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Year 2 travel back to Stuart London


06 October 2017

Year 2 enjoyed a thrilling journey back to 1666 on Wednesday to experience the Great Fire of London with Master Craig.

The girls took part in workshops including candle making, weaving, leatherwork and many more. They learnt the skills for the jobs they might have done if they had lived in this period of history.

They also had to keep a close watch on the rats and report any bodies in the area!

The girls heard how the great fire started and the impact it had on London. Next week the fire brigade is visiting and the girls will find out how they would have tackled the large fire.

Everyone had a fantastic time and would like to thank Master Craig and all the wonderful parent helpers.

Before he left Master Craig thanked the school for welcoming him and for allowing him to work with such knowledgeable and well behaved children and having such a helpful group of parent helpers.

Clearly everyone involved enjoyed the day.


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