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19 January 2024

Kindergarten girls have been exploring the letter sound 'o' this week and much work has been focused on the story Owl Babies. Children have listened to the story and have had discussions about the owl characters and how they may be feeling. They tried hard to express these ideas during carpet time and had a go at writing them down on paper too!  Owl babies also filtered into art and craft activities as the girls created owl pictures using pompom printing! 

In numeracy, the focus has been on opposites and we have also focused on finding the odd one out from a collection of materials. Girls very much enjoyed taking part in races as they had their own mini Olympics in PE! We are looking forward to next week when we will have our first Balanceability lesson now that we have taken delivery of our new bikes and helmets! 

The girls in Nursery continue to enjoy studying rhymes and the theme in Nursery this week has been Little Miss Muffet.  Girls brought in things from home that link to the rhyme to put on the display table and then enjoyed acting out the rhyme in pairs, using suitable props.  

Girls developed their fine motor skills using the spider playdough mats to create different things and made spiders webs by lacing paper plates with wool and spiders out of model magic and pipe cleaners.  In cooking lesson they made curds and whey to taste and then practised their emergent writing skills by writing what they thought Miss Muffet didn't like.

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