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12 May 2023

Following the excitement of the Coronation celebrations and an extended weekend the girls returned to school full of enthusiasm for the work of the week ahead.

In Nursery the focus for activities has been triangles and pyramids.  There has been much recognition of the shapes around the Nursery and sorting from other shapes.  Using food gave other opportunities to study the shape with triangles of pizza and toast being made.  Playing the triangle was a favourite activity and magnets were used to build patterns and structures.  The girls also decorated and constructed a pyramid from a net of the shape.

In Kindergarten ‘q’ has been the letter sound of the week.  The girls made a q for Queen in craft, enjoyed reading the story of ‘The Queen’s Knickers’ and sang about the Queen of Hearts.  In Mathematics lessons they counted out pennies and looked at fractions, focusing on quarters.  They also had time to be quiet and to listen to the sounds around them. They found some quiet critters who reminded them when it was time to be quiet.  Another activity involved thinking of ways to be kind which was followed by creating a kindness quilt.   Looking at the life cycle of a duck (quack!) gave a Science link to the lesson.

Reception girls have had a roarrrrrrrrrrring time this week!  The new word of the week was 'extinct'.  Girls learnt about dinosaurs and were enthusiastic to talk about their favourite species.  They were also surprised to find out how many animals in our world were at risk of becoming extinct.  After much discussion on the carpet, pupils moved to the Tuff Tray.  Here, they were given a frozen egg with a dinosaur inside.  Using a hammer, they cracked open their egg to reveal a little dinosaur, which they took home!  Their fine motor skills were tested when they used a range of tools confidently and safely.  

Another new word was taught in Mathematics when girls found out what the word 'capacity' meant.  They especially enjoyed counting how many small plastic teddies could fit in objects around the room such as, tea pots or bowls.  They were also interested to find out what happened to the water levels when objects were placed in a jug full of water.  

In Creative Writing, girls heard the story of The Pig in the Pond by Martin Waddell and loved it so much they wrote their own version of the story themselves.  They were very proud of their achievements and their work has been displayed in the classroom for all to see.

Girls have also used their artistic talents in the classroom by decorating their pet beds.  They shared their creative ideas with each other to brighten up the boxes.  

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