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Budding Year 5 Geographers and Scientists Visit Cranedale


12 May 2023

Yorkshire was the destination for Year 5's residential trip last week and all the girls were very excited as we set off on our adventures. The Cranedale Centre has been welcoming EHS pupils for almost 30 years and we were pleased to be returning. Four days of outdoor exploration of Scientific and Geographic studies awaited us.

At Ruth's farm the girls discussed sustainability and what daily life for a farmer entails. Horses, calves and lambs were visited in the barns and fields, with a bonus cuddle of a new born lamb if the girls wished. We were extremely lucky to see a nesting lapwing in one of the fields that Ruth is resting, as the girls were taught about crop rotation. They questioned Ruth sensibly using their knowledge of the ‘field to fork’ topic that they had started in September.

Walking down the steps to the beach at Selwicks Bay, girls were able to see the rock erosion and marvel at the scenery. As we reached the bottom, gasps were heard as the girls walked through an arch and crouched in a cave, so much more fulfilling than seeing a photograph in the classroom.  Rock pooling was the highlight of the day, as the girls headed off to see what they could find hidden amongst the seaweed. A large collection of crabs, snails and fish were soon nestled in buckets.

On the top of the cliff in Flamborough the girls were able to sketch the famous rock formation that forms the shape of a dinosaur. Beneath on the shore were many seals basking in the sunlight, which we were delighted to see.

Around the campfire, a flint and steel were struck to see if the fire could be lit. Once successful, a flatbread was shaped then baked on the fire. A special treat of honey straight from the Cranedale hive was smeared on the bread - delicious!

Survival skills were needed in Fox Covert Wood where predators, carnivores and natural disasters were set free to roam through the bluebells, to see who would survive. The shout of the 'Humans are coming' caused screams as the teachers set off to capture anyone remaining!

Girls explored food chains, micro-climates and sketched insects through a microscope ensuring their field studies were varied and consolidated their knowledge.

No trip to Cranedale would be complete without a mention of the fabulous food enjoyed by all and the warm, cosy dorms that housed us so well. 

The girls had a fabulous time and although tired on their return were full of stories and new adventures to share with their families.


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