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23 February 2024

In Nursery the theme this week has been The Queen of Hearts and girls have happily shared their items from home on the display table. They have also put their creative and practical skills to good use making heart necklaces and fingerprint ornaments, heart crowns and collages from varying sizes of hearts. They even practised tracing hearts and colouring them in carefully. In Mathematics they carefully counted out the heart shaped sequins and put them into the case with the corresponding numeral and ordered numbers from 1-10 on the tens frame. The girls really enjoyed dressing up as the knave of hearts and the queen of hearts and acting out the rhyme too.  They ended the week with a cooking session where they made jam tarts.

Having checked the weather forecast Kindergarten decided to learn about the phoneme u this week. The rain meant that they were able to get umbrellas out to go for a walk! This linked with the Jolly Phonics jingle and gave Kindergarten a good reason to explore the school site. Girls enjoyed looking around the Prep School playground and even met some of the older girls who were going to their PE lessons. Despite the rain there was enough dry weather to continue our Balanceability lessons too.

Back in the classroom they read the story ‘Aliens Love Underpants’ and used this to help us with counting skills in Mathematics! They practised the letter formation after reading ‘The Ugly Duckling’ and also enjoyed many stories following the umbrella theme! A definite favourite this week was ‘Sugarlump and the Unicorn’ which inspired us to make unicorns in the shape of u!

Reception girls came back from their well earned half term break full of holiday tales and stories. They were very happy to see their friends and catch up on their news and settled straight back into the routine of Reception. In Mathematics, girls have continued to learn how to write and complete addition calculations. This area of the curriculum has proven to be very popular. A number of girls even asked for extra calculations on their white boards! Literacy Lessons have been taken up revising digraphs and using them to spell words. This helped pupils in Creative Writing lessons, when they described their scarecrows made before half term.   The results were very impressive. 

It is amazing what can be made from junk! On Wednesday, Reception girls made robots, jewellery boxes, toy boxes, elephants, feather bottles and much more.  These budding designers have been very imaginative in Topic lessons. They also spent time perfecting their fine motor skills by learning how to sew. In swimming lessons, girls had fun on the 'train' which took them from one end of the pool to the other. It was lovely to see so many water confident swimmers aboard the train!     

We are keen to see what next week brings!

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