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Living La Dolce Vita

Senior School | Sixth Form

23 February 2024

Pupils in Years 10-13 experienced La Dolce Vita on a trip to Rome with the Classics Department, enjoying many classical and cultural aspects of the city over the long weekend. 

When we arrived we went straight to Ostia Antica, a Roman harbour town, where many of the monuments are very much intact. The highlight was the theatre, which was of particular interest to the girls studying the Greek Theatre at A level. The girls studying GCSE Classical Civilisation were also thrilled to see one of their prescribed sources, the insula of Diana.  

After Ostia we transferred to the hotel, which captured the girls’ hearts with its rustic Italian decor and a stunning rooftop breakfast room. We enjoyed three mornings of views and delicious Italian pastries! 

Food was a big theme of the trip; with daily ice cream stops and a multitude of pizza and pasta consumed, we can confidently say that the girls and staff were well-fed on a daily basis. We were particularly impressed with one girl who ordered five scoops of ice cream in one shop!  

The classical sites were also a big hit of the trip, with the Colosseum being a firm favourite. We enjoyed the Roman Forum, the Palatine Hill, Ara Pacis, Pantheon, Forum Boarium, Circus Maximus and artefacts in the Capitoline Museum. Another group favourite was the Trevi Fountain, which we passed on an almost daily basis on our walks. The girls enjoyed the opportunity to have free time and it wouldn’t be an EHS trip without Friday night bowling!  

We returned on Sunday evening after a wonderful trip. The girls had fantastic time expanding their cultural horizons and making new friends. We are delighted they made lasting memories of La Dolce Vita!  

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