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15 September 2023

The girls are settling back into school well after the summer holidays and are already engaged in their learning. Those girls who have only joined us this term have quickly become valued members of our EHS community, entering school with confidence each day.

We also enjoyed meeting parents of girls in Kindergarten and Reception this week and are looking forward to welcoming parents of Nursery girls next week on Wednesday evening, 20 September.

The girls in Nursery, at the start of the school journey, are getting to know each other and their teachers well. In this first full week the girls have started their 'Dough Disco' programme. This helps to strengthen the muscles in their shoulders, elbows, wrists and fingers in preparation for writing. With daily 'Dough Disco' the brain learns to control the fingers a lot quicker. It is also lots of fun and a great way to learn essential skills!

In Kindergarten this week the girls have been thinking about their senses. The children have taken part in activities which have enabled them to explore each of these. Firstly, they have used their hands to feel and identify different objects using vocabulary such as soft, hard, rough and bumpy to describe them. They have taken part in a taste test to explore sweet, bitter, sour and salty. Girls have even used their noses to smell a variety of aromas including ginger and vinegar! During music lessons this week they have explored the different sounds of instruments using their careful listening ears. Finally, they have enjoyed telling us what they did and saw during their summer holiday!

Reception girls have settled well into their new classes too and have spent time making new friends.  They have also been very busy writing during their first week.  Girls wrote about The Gruffalo and Little Miss Sunshine on their second day in school!  

During this full week, they have also been thinking about what food they like eating at birthday parties.  They wrote a list of their favourite food, which is now displayed in the classroom for everyone to see.   To enhance their Understanding of the World, and love of languages, girls were confident enough to speak French to each other during their first French Language lesson.  Girls were able to discuss other languages spoken out of school or on holiday too.  As part of our Food topic, girls have made delicious cakes.  They discussed different foods in their community and the baking done at home.  

If they can achieve all of this in just one week we cannot wait to see how they progress this year.

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