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31 March 2023

Easter has been a focus for activities in all Westbourne classes this week.  In Nursery, the seasonal cards they made involved creating wavy patterns with mixed coloured paints and writing their names inside.  They also used collage techniques on various egg shapes and made Easter nests.

The girls focused on the story ‘We’re Going on an Egg Hunt’ and then recreated their own version of the story in the classroom.  The eggs they hunted for had numbers on which they had to read and different patterns, which aided discussions about what numbers each girl had and which egg patterns matched.  They then counted their eggs to see who had found the most. 

Kindergarten girls created effective chicks using yellow paint and forks to make them extra fluffy in Art lessons.  They also made Easter baskets, play dough chicks and maracas.  In their Easter themed mathematics lessons the girls have spotted 2D shapes, practised number formation, counted eggs and performed addition sums.  They have made bunny pens using carrots and paint and practised some pen control.  Using Easter eggs the girls have used positional language and have matched CVC words and pictures.

In Reception girls took advantage of the sunshine on Monday and went on a Spring walk.  We are very fortunate, here at EHS, to be able to use the Birmingham Botanical Garden's facilities as often as we like.  It was only a short walk next door into the beautiful gardens and Reception girls were very excited.  They spotted yellow daffodils, purple crocuses and green buds on the leaves.  They liked the pink cherry blossom the best.  After they discussed their findings, girls wrote about what they had seen back in the classroom.  Then they drew beautiful pictures of themselves on the walk to accompany their writing.  
As part of their Number Work sessions, Reception girls have been introduced to subtraction.  To reinforce their understanding in a practical way, they had a game of Musical Chairs and then wrote their own subtraction calculations.  In their Literacy lessons, girls have been reinforcing the m/n and b/d letters.  They wrote as many words as they could beginning with these sounds on their whiteboards.  They were very competitive as to who could write the most!  As it was 'Easter' week, pupils completed number eggs, which were displayed around the classroom.  

The rest of the week was filled with fun Easter activities, which included making Easter baskets and Easter cards; Easter painting and Easter craft making as well as preparing Easter bonnets for the parade on Tuesday.  

Everyone is looking forward to the holidays at the end of the week! 


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