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24 November 2023

During ‘Brown’ week in Nursery the girls have looked at pictures and videos of hedgehogs and made their own hedgehog picture using chalk to make the quills.  Then in the Maths lesson they ordered the hedgehogs from smallest to largest.  Nursery story of the week has featured another animal, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Bill Martin Jr and Eric Carle.  The girls interpreted the story by creating their own brown bears with paint rollers.

On a walk around school the girls learnt how to take photographs on the iPad so that they could capture all the brown things they observed and talk about them back in class. The week finished by making brown chocolate crispie cakes.

The letter sound this week has provided Kindergarten girls with yet more learning opportunities. They looked at the shape of the letter m, practised the correct formation and made collage spotty m monsters!  Literacy activities enabled them to explore rhyme through the famous Julia Donaldson story 'Monkey Puzzle’. Girls listened carefully to identify words that rhyme and also tried to create some of their own rhyming word strings. 

Numeracy activities incorporated the use of money. They looked at all of the different coins, discussed their shape, size and colour and were then challenged to count up small amounts of coins in their purses! 

In Reception, literacy lessons have been focused on reading and writing CVC words with 'a' and 'e' as the middle vowels.  Girls have extended their knowledge of these words by using the Interactive Whiteboard in the classroom.  In Creative Writing, they have been listening to Winter stories and poems and have written sentences about this season which are now on display for all to see.  

For the week’s Topic lessons the girls have compared Victorian kitchens to kitchens of today.  They said they would prefer to have fridges and cookers nowadays in comparison to the Victorian era!

They are also continuing to learn how to write numbers to 20 and have learnt adding one more than a given number in Mathematics.  As a real challenge, they have learnt different ways of making 10, using cubes or figures to help.  

Some lessons are beginning to feel very festive as girls have started making Christmas cards and calendars.  Working together Nursery, Kindergarten and Reception have been making great progress with the Christmas production rehearsals in the Octagon and girls are excited to perform this play to parents on December 7th. 

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