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15 December 2023

As you would imagine this week in Westbourne has been all about Christmas. On ‘Mince Pie Monday’ all girls were involved in baking and tasting mince pies.  Nursery girls were not very keen on the taste at all.  Kindergarten girls smelt all of the ingredients and tried to guess what some of the new smells were! Rolling and cutting the pastry was enjoyed by all. They even hand delivered some of the mince pies to staff around the school to say Merry Christmas and thank you for helping u s!  Reception also enjoyed their baking session and the delicious smells wafting from the oven.

Tinsel Tuesday was Christmas Fair Day and you can read more about the activities in the separate story.  It was also Christmas lunch day and when the girls arrived at the dining room the catering staff had all been turned into Christmas elves.  These creative elves had decorated the dining room with a Christmas tree and large snowman.   

Westbourne was a hive of activity for the rest of the week with ‘Workshop Wednesday’ and Throw a Party Thursday’.  

The discovery table in Nursery had been set up with interactive Nativity scenes and the girls brought in Christmas items from home to add to the display.   They made Santas using their fine motor skills to carefully cut his beard, paper chains to decorate the classroom and they decorated crowns ready for party day.   Photos taken in front of the large tree wearing Christmas jumpers and hats formed the centre of the girls’ bauble cards.

In Kindergarten, girls wrote letters to Santa and completed Maths counting and pattern activities based on a Christmas theme. Also, to help their problem solving, children were given many small items, wrapping paper, scissors and sticky tape to wrap up their own presents in Santa's workshop. During carpet time they talked about the Christmas story and the children were given the chance to map the story out in order using their cutting and sticking skills. They very much enjoyed making snowman using battery powered night lights to make their carrot noses shine bright too!

On 'Workshop Wednesday,' in Reception they wrote to Father Christmas to tell him they had been very good and demonstrated fine motor skills by cutting out twirling snowmen.  They also completed calendars and cards for families.  

Thursday was party day when they saw Father Christmas in the morning as well as feeding the real reindeers who had come to visit. After a picnic lunch, the afternoon was filled with playing party games and having even more fun!

What a fabulous, festive week!  Everyone is now ready for a holiday.

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