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The Wolf Run


28 April 2023

It is clear from school activities that EHS Prep girls enjoy challenges and we now know that our parents do too. We were very impressed to hear about a group of our parents, girls and siblings who took part in the Wolf Run last weekend. This ‘Wolf’ event stands for Woods, Obstacles, Lakes and Fields involves wild running and is a combination of mud, trail and obstacle runs.

Zoe, Emiley, Anna and Jashvita took part in the Junior Run whilst their parents and family members tackled the adult obstacle course version. Despite not being yet old enough to take part, Kira and Bethan played their part in supporting everyone in the run including their mums and Kira’s brother.

There was a real show of team work, courage, determination and friendship, all qualities EHS aims to instill into pupils. 

It is evident from the photos that everyone enjoyed the challenge which is not for the faint-hearted.  Well done Team EHS!

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