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A Magical Trip to Never Neverland


28 April 2023

Each year the girls in Year 6 work together on a musical performance which helps to give them shared memories in their final year in the Prep School.  The production chosen by Miss Robinson, the Director and Mrs O’Malley, Musical Director for 2023 was Peter Pan.

This week the girls held a number of performances, which were all thoroughly enjoyed by the different audiences including girls and staff from Reception to Year 5 and many parents and friends of the school.

The acting, singing and dancing from all of the characters; the principals, the pirates, mermaids, Indian braves and lost boys was excellent and we truly felt transported to a land of make believe.  

The girls worked extremely well together and showed support for each other throughout the process, from the auditions to final performance and we are extremely proud of them.

We are also grateful to the team of staff who worked behind the scenes on costumes, props, music, choreography, make-up, set and lighting.  It was a great team effort with a triumphant result worthy of the West End!

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