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The QI society returns!

14 January 2021

The 'Quite Interesting' Society returns this week for a new term. 

Students are invited to attend a series of lectures/debates presented by staff and students via Microsoft Teams every Friday lunchtime at 1:30pm. The session is an opportunity to develop your knowledge and understanding on wide-ranging topics and give you the opportunity to discover new passions and pursue your own intellectual interests.


We have covered topics such as:

Batman Vs Superman - Who is the better Superhero?

Has Social Media made us Anti-Social?

Students have also led the sessions, for example:

Y13 Naomi Okafor has done a talk on the History of Jazz Music

Y12 Liberty Byrne - Harry Potter - is Draco Malfoy a Hero or Villain?  (Nature or Nurture)?

 Any student or groups of students are welcome to take the lead and present. 


The teams link is available in an email sent this week. For further information or any questions please contact Dr Rajp. 

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