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Supporting international Earth Day

24 April 2020

On Earth Day, Westbourne and Years 1-3 produced some beautiful badge designs to commemorate Earth Day's 50th Anniversary. A fabulous selection of hand drawn and computer aided designs have been submitted so far. The winners will be announced in an upcoming assembly and will have their designs turned into real badges! The competition is open until next Wednesday, 29 April.

Meanwhile, Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 teamed up with KS3 girls in Senior school to make short video clips all relating to environmental issues. They produced some amazing videos in response to three prompts. 

One prompt asked the girls to create an invention to help our planet. A Year 3 girl proposed an Oceanic Animal Scanner which identifies and traps animals which are injured due to pollution and takes them to the nearest veterinarian, while a Year 6 took inspiration from Toy Story 3 and would like to see a specially designed robot collect rubbish and turn it into dust and ash in an eco-friendly way. 

The second prompt asked students to put forth a convincing argument for why Earth Day should be observed every day. Our girls applied their excellent public speaking and persuasive language skills to make heart-felt pleas to their peers and the wider public to look after our Earth for the benefit of everyone. It is clear we have some possible Secretary of State for the Environment candidates in our midst!

It was also pleasing to see so many video pledges to mitigate climate change being uploaded. Promises include turning off the lights, using space heaters only when required, taking greater care when recycling and caring for plants. 

In just the first day of this activity launch we have had more than three hours of engagement from across the school with some videos being watched more than 50 times. We hope to see more engagement in the coming days with more video clips, inventions, pledges and convincing statements.

Together we will make our Earth's future a happier and healthier one. 

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