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Our Year 8 Superstars

Senior School

22 October 2021

Year 8 held their very first 'Superstars' Assembly to recognise, award and celebrate the super stars of this half term, as nominated by their peers and teachers. The following girls received Superstar Badges to note their kindness, compassion and generosity within our community:

Alice - A superstar award for being polite and friendly to everyone, always bringing cheer to form time and looking after everyone when they need it.

Vanessa - A superstar award for being kind and helpful to another student and always putting someone else first, no matter how big or small the task.

Isabelle - A superstar award for persistence and perseverance, and a can-do attitude.

Ali - A superstar award for enthusiasm and dedication in all aspects of EHS life.

Nature - A superstar award for always thinking of others, and sprinkling her kind spirit around her year group.

Congratulations to all girls! Very well done and thank you for your contributions to EHS.

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