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Super storytellers


08 February 2019

The Prep School recently welcomed story teller, Giles Abbott. In assembly Giles told the girls from Years 1 - 6 one of his exciting stories and then spent the day with Year 3 helping them to develop a range of story-telling skills.

The girls learnt how to use voices and actions to make their stories exciting. They then worked together in groups, practising yet another skill, to create an imaginative story. There was no writing involved in the process which meant that they had to learn to respond to what their teammates were saying.

On Friday 1 February, the girls demonstrated their work to an audience of parents. It was clear that they had enjoyed the experience and that they had all enhanced their performance skills. The stories were all very different and all girls performed with confidence using a range of voices and actions. Many parents commented that they did not think they could stand in front of an audience and perform so confidently.

Well done Year 3.

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