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Summer Extravaganza: Music from the Movies

Senior School | Sixth Form

05 July 2024

Edgbaston High School proudly presented ‘Summer Extravaganza: Music from the Movies’ on Wednesday 3 July 2024. Held in the Octagon, this highly anticipated event showcased the immense talent and dedication of our students, who have worked tirelessly throughout the year. 

The evening was a real celebration of music inspired by iconic films, demonstrating our students' creativity and passion. From the stirring "20th Century Fox Fanfare" performed by the Trumpet Ensemble to the evocative melodies of "Pirates of the Titanic" played by the Orchestra, the audience was treated to an array of memorable performances. The Choir's rendition of "Over The Rainbow" from The Wizard of Oz and the Wind Ensemble's performance of "Married Life" from Up! highlighted the versatility and skill of our young musicians.

Another standout performance was the Choir's interpretation of Billie Eilish and Finneas O’Connell's "What Was I Made For?" from Barbie. The Flute Ensemble captivated the audience with a medley from La La Land, including "Mia & Sebastian’s Theme" and "City of Stars". The Band brought energy with "Gonna Fly Now" from Rocky, and the String Ensemble delivered a moving performance of the "Main Theme" from Downton Abbey. 

The Choir also performed the poignant "Intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana" from Raging Bull, while the Orchestra concluded the evening with the majestic "Main Theme" from Jurassic Park. Each piece was expertly arranged and performed, reflecting the hard work and dedication of both students and their teachers.

The success of this concert would not have been possible without the unwavering support and dedication of many individuals. Special thanks go to the Music School for their tireless efforts in nurturing our students' musical abilities and organising this wonderful event. We also extend our gratitude to the visiting music teachers, whose expertise and guidance have enriched the girls’ learning experiences. Your contributions have been invaluable, and we deeply appreciate the time and energy you have invested.

A huge thank you to the Tech Crew, led by Mr Chamberlain, who made the Octagon look fantastic for the event and managed sound, lighting, projections, and effects magnificently throughout the evening.  A special thank you must be extended to Siena Henry, Music Scholar, who worked tirelessly in preparing all the projection montages. 

We are also grateful to all the school staff who supported this event in various ways, from logistical arrangements to moral support. Your behind-the-scenes efforts ensured that everything ran smoothly and enabled our students to shine. Lastly, a heartfelt thank you to the parents for your constant encouragement and for fostering a love of music in your children. Your support means the world to us, and to your young musicians.

The Summer Extravaganza was not just a concert but a celebration of the strong community at Edgbaston High School. It was a night filled with joy, music, and a shared appreciation for the arts. We are thrilled to have shared this special evening with you and look forward to many more musical celebrations in the future!

Mr Richard Skilbeck
Director of Music

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