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Students Stage Poetry Slam

Senior School | Sixth Form

13 October 2023

On Thursday 5 October, National Poetry Day took centre stage and what better way to celebrate the occasion than with a Poetry Slam hosted by this academic year’s poet laureate, Jaimie James. Jaimie tells us about the event, below.

“The event was hosted, as ever, in the Drama Studio, a welcoming and warm space fit for performances of all kinds. A massive “Thank you!” to our Head of Drama Mr Lane, and to LAMDA teacher Ms Bolt and the LAMDA students who had to give up the room for the event to take place. 

“It was exciting for me, as the new Poet Laureate, to host the event and I had a real sense of pride watching the performances. The slam began with Shanya in Year 12 performing a poem written by her sister Samara. It ended with Aurelia in Year 9 performing her own work ‘Side Rant’, with a special mention for Sarah S in Year 8 whose work was sophisticated and moving and has been placed in the ‘EHS Excellence Book’. The performers were all eloquently spoken and confident despite the difference in years and all received a congratulatory chocolate ‘Freddo’ for their efforts.

“Thank you again to everyone who came and supported the performers in the audience, to those who submitted work themselves and have been placed on the list for the next Poetry Slam, and of course a massive well done to all of the incredible performers at the event. I intend to host three poetry slams this academic year, so stay tuned for our next one – the Christmas edition!”

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