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Prep Host a Housewarming Party


13 October 2023

The girls in Prep are allocated to one of our four Houses on entry from Year 1.  During the year the girls attend House assemblies and take part in a range of activities and competitions to represent their House.  

Our Houses are named after inspirational historical female figures who represent a range of different fields. They also have an identifying colour which helps girls to fly their House flag.  The Year 6 House Captains who hold the post for a year are elected by their Housemates following a speech at the end of Year 5.  

The House officials for this year:
Anna and Lily are Curie Captains.  They are looking forward to decorating their House board and to meeting with the girls in Curie.  They will be supporting everyone and encouraging them to do their best.

Izzy and Alice were elected as Frank Captains.  They are very happy to be in post and are excited, and perhaps a little nervous to present their first House Assembly.  They want to have happy Housemates who they are keen to support in all activities.

Imogen and Florence are this year’s Johnson Captains.  They are happy to have been voted in following their speeches last term.  They will always be proud of their Housemates’ efforts and are looking forward to meeting them in their first assembly.

Aizah and Catie take up the post of Nightingale Captains.  They are both grateful to their Housemates for voting for them and for the opportunity to lead the House.  They will give their full support to the girls, no matter what the results of any competitions.  They will encourage everyone to give of their best.

Their first initiative of the year was to welcome all new girls to their Houses with the presentation of an individual card to each girl in our Celebration Assembly.  They also invited them to a ‘Housewarming Party’ at morning break on Monday morning.  Everyone gathered in their Houses and shared a House themed biscuit. 

This has clearly made everyone very excited for the House events ahead!

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