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Staff football match commemorates Christmas truce

14 December 2018

This week, pupils and staff gathered down at the AstroTurf at lunchtime to watch some of our male members of staff play a game of football in order to raise money for the Royal British Legion. 

The match was held as part of our centenary celebrations to commemorate the Christmas Truce football matches that supposedly took place along the front lines of battle in 1914. The teams, randomly picked in assembly the week before, were captained by Dr Rajp (Germany) and Mr Gray (England). 
England scored an early lead with goals from Noel and Jordan, although Germany managed to bring it back towards the end of the game with Dr Rajp scoring for his team (as well as scoring an own goal for England)! 

A tense penalty shoot-out decided the fate of the match, which saw some stand-out keeping from Mr James and Mr Flynn. 

Overall the victors were England, winning 7-5. Special thanks must be given to Hannah Vaughan for designing excellent promotional posters and photographing the match, to Miss Hayday for refereeing, to Mr Day and Dr Royal for their excellent commentary, and to all those who volunteered to play. It was a lovely occasion enjoyed by all, and over £400 was raised for the Legion! 

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