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Sun, Snow and Ski in Canada

Senior School | Sixth Form

21 April 2023

After a busy term, understandably, the holidays are always eagerly anticipated, but the end of the Spring Term held particular excitement for one group of pupils as they looked forward to a week of sun, snow and skiing on the slopes of Jasper in Canada. Trip Captain, Amelie Moylan, shares with us a report on what was an incredible school trip and undoubtedly a highlight of the their time at EHS.

At 5:45am on Wednesday 29 March, 79 pupils and 14 teachers set off to Heathrow Airport to catch an eight hour flight for the eagerly-anticipated EHS Ski Trip to Jasper. It was a long and tiring journey, but they all managed to make it to Calgary safely with all their luggage and no one left behind! 

After landing and another five hour coach journey to Jasper, we finally arrived bleary-eyed. Rooms were designated and there wasn’t a sound coming from the halls of the Lobstick Lodge from any of EHS girls as they all headed straight to bed to be ready for an early start and an exciting week ahead.  

On the first day, breakfast was served and then everyone got onto the bus once again, up the Canadian Rockies to reach the Marmot Basin, the ski resort they would be spending their week at. Once skis were given out, and all boots were on the right feet, it was time to hit the slopes to be put in groups of ability. Everyone, including teachers, got into groups of around seven to eight people and were assigned their instructor for the week. 

There was a wide range of abilities: some people had never been skiing before, and some who ski several times a year. However, even those who had never skied before showed courage in learning how to ski. Skiing can, of course, be a tiring and very challenging sport and there were certainly a few tumbles along the way but everyone got back up and tried again. By the end of the week, everyone had moved from the learning slope and had at least tried a blue slope! 
Each day offered a brand new adventure, whether it was during the day on the slopes or with the evening activities that they experienced. These included the sky-ride up to the highest point in Jasper, visiting the Jasper Planetarium, going to see a local ice hockey game, Mr Ball and Mrs Lambert’s Canadian Quiz and, of course, the shopping and the pizza evening.  
On the last day of skiing, we finished a little bit earlier to gift the instructors a small token of our appreciation for all the hard work over the week. Thank you, Marmot Basin team, for having us! 
Upon returning to the hotel, we packed and then came together one last time for a presentation evening. Girls were awarded various prizes for the achievements they had made over the week with accolades such as the bravest skier, skier of the week, most stylish skier, best fall etc. 
The morning of the flight home we reluctantly packed everything onto the bus and set off from Jasper back to the airport. On the way we stopped off at a beautiful glacier and even found time to visit Banff for a quick shopping trip and lunch before going home.  
The week was a huge success and everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly! On behalf of all the students we wish to thank the accompanying teachers for organising such a memorable trip, especially the trip leaders Mrs Batchelor and Mrs Parsons.

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