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Simon Armitage inspired EHS writing competition 2020

20 November 2020

Towards the end of last academic year the English department set EHS Senior school students the challenge of responding creatively to some poems they read by Simon Armitage, the UK’s current Poet Laureate. We have received some fantastic entries and the winning student in each group was celebrated in assembly on Friday 13th November. Each winner will receive a book voucher worth £15, while each runner-up will receive a more edible reward! Well done to all who entered this competition; there will be future competitions coming up, so watch out for notices in assembly and form-time.

Winner – Year 8!

Martha Abbott 8G – a poem entitled ‘Free Man’ (in response to Armitage’s poem ‘Hitcher’)

He wandered, following his feet

With a rock in his pocket and a 20p coin.

His size 8 feet in size 9 shoes

Just like me

But not quite really.

He was tethered to keep moving.

Never stopping,

Never ending

Until he meets one much more like me

Who questions his rhythm,

His movement

His freedom.


Runners-up – Norehan Elkhazin 8L – a short story entitled ‘Vision’

& Phoebe Hughes 8L – a poem starting ‘Some might say he is a bad husband and dad’

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