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Winners Revealed in Poetry Competition

Senior School

09 February 2024

This week, the spotlight shines on the winners of a Senior School poetry competition. Organised jointly by the English department and the Year 13 English Scholars, the competition was launched with the evocative theme of ‘Mirror’ before the close of the previous term.

Drawing inspiration from the Christopher Tower National Poetry Competition, which traditionally caters to older students, the theme of 'Mirror' provoked some interesting and unique perspectives. One submission came from Miss O’Hare’s Year 9 English class who have been studying ‘The Merchant of Venice.’  Here is their whole class submission:

Prince of Morocco
Mirror, mirror on the wall
My plan didn’t work after all
This day has pained me with this session
This stupid lottery has taught me a lesson.
Portia is the fairest, most beautiful Queen
Her father’s game was cruel and mean.
Good luck to the suitors yet to play
Watch out, beware, I’ll be there to slay.
Mirror, mirror on the wall
I will get my way after all… [exit with evil laugh]

Runner’s up prizes were awarded to the following students:

Tiggy in Year 7
Umaymah in Year 8
Joscelyn in Year 8

Our overall winners were the following students:

Auria in Year 7
Sarah in Year 8
Aurelia in Year 9

A special display of the different poems is being created in school. Thank you to everyone who submitted a poem and congratulations to the winners!

Mrs Smith
English  Department

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