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Senior School House Officials Announced

03 July 2020

EHS’s new team of House Captains and Deputies were, this year, appointed by election for the first time. As this was all done during lockdown, the candidates recorded short videos in which they presented their vision for their house and it was then down to the girls in each house to vote for the candidate they wanted to see in the role.

Following the election and the all-important House Bake Off, the new Captains’ next task was to consider applications for the role of House Representative. These are positions open to girls who will be in Years 10, 11 and 12 and is their opportunity to take on responsibilities within the House system. The teams of House Officials are now all in place for the new academic year and they can get to work preparing for the House Gala at Christmas.
Congratulations to all of the girls who have been appointed to a House role for next year. We are so looking forward to getting involved in the events that you are going to be organising in school.

House Officials 2020-21

St Andrew    

   Captain:    Aisha Ali
    Deputy:    Olivia Gayle
    Deputy:    Imogen Pryjmachuk

St David  

    Captain:   Elinor Edwards
    Deputy:    Amy Campbell
    Deputy:    Zoya Hussain

St Francis  

   Captain:    Harriet Stanaway
    Deputy:    Freya McGuire  

St George   

Captain:       Mia Bentley
    Deputy:    Ania Gissen
    Deputy:    Persia Shoja-Assadi

St Patrick    

Captain:       Imogen Steeds
    Deputy:    Jaiya Dhami
    Deputy:    Robyn Power

House Reps


Year 12

Year 11

Year 10


Niamh Johnson

Marie-Eve Kavanagh

Lexi Byrne


Nicole Barker

Lauren Gillott

Mollie Hewison


Milly Corbett

Jahnvi Patel

Amelie Moylan


Hibah Ul-Haq

Aisha Abdelrahim

Tara Uppal


Vibha Patel

Indira Jagpal

Lucille Sutton


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