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03 July 2020

Our last full week of the Summer Term is over and it was a busy one.  The girls in school and at home have continued to enjoy their studies and their friendship.  It has been strange, and sad not to have our regular end of term activities such as Inter House Sports Days and Swimming Galas to enjoy and cheer on.  It is clear however, from reading the girls’ reports, that they have worked hard and completed a huge range of activities during our distance learning programme – ‘Working Together Whilst Apart.’  My congratulations to everyone.

This week we celebrate with Lily who received a special letter from the Queen for one of her pieces of work.  Several weeks ago Year 2 were learning, as part of their History studies, about the Queen’s coronation.  As part of the project they drew pictures of the crown jewels and Lily sent hers to the Queen. Lily received a letter this week thanking her for her detailed drawing.  Well done to Lily, a just reward.
In Kindergarten on Tuesday they had a Yellow Day as part of their phonics programme.  The girls arrived at school wearing yellow clothes and accessories to mark the day and made us all feel very happy.  In her Good Morning messages Mrs Hartley took this theme of colours to talk about how different colours have different feelings associated with them.  She also talked to Westbourne girls about the Prep School Houses and their colours which was a good introduction to an important aspect of Prep life for the Reception girls who will soon be joining Prep.
Year 6 girls have been kept very busy over the last few weeks with a number of competitions and projects.  The images below show some of the Pop Art project they have completed.  The bold designs are amazing and show some concentrated effort from the girls as they approach their last week in the Prep School.  They can be very proud of their efforts.

Another project that has been enjoyed by all girls is the marking of Bastille Day which Madame Hennous has introduced ahead of the day itself which falls in the holiday.  You can read more about this in the separate article.

I close with thanks to Sofia, our Head Girl who represented the Prep School extremely well when she talked to prospective parents at our first Virtual Open Evening at the end of last week.  She was an excellent Ambassador and demonstrated the qualities we admire in our girls.
I wish everyone a good weekend as we prepare for our last three days of term, one we will not forget in a hurry.

Mrs Sally Hartley
Head of the Preparatory School 

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