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Robotics in action


04 October 2019

Pupils in Year 5 were excited to visit the Land Rover factory in Solihull for their first trip of the year. 

The girls started the day looking around the fascinating factory and learning how the vehicles are made. They saw how the robots spot weld the metal panels together to form a ‘body in white’ before the spray painting process can begin. The cars then move into ‘trim and final’ where they add the wheels, trim, engine and seats. 

Did you know that there are 3722 rivets in each car? The first car was built on the site in 1948 and is still being used 71 years later.

The session ended with pupils building Lego cars to a given design as quickly as they could, working in teams. 12 perfect cars had to be assembled and it proved to be rather difficult! Through this the girls appreciated how forming a production line could dramatically speed up the process, as in the factory.
Year 5 had an excellent time at Land Rover and learnt many fascinating facts and we are sure several girls will be encouraged to think about engineering as a career. 
We are now ready to write our onomatopoeic poems based on the noises heard in the factory and begin coding sessions in ICT.

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