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Roman Legions!

06 October 2023

The History topic being studied by Year 3 girls is Early Invaders with a current focus on the Romans, which they are enjoying.  

At the end of last week the girls extended their growing knowledge with a trip to Lunt Roman Fort in Babington, near Coventry.  This was the first educational visit of the year and was well received by our pupils.

The Lunt is an early wooden Roman fort dating from 60 AD.  The girls were shown how the fort protected itself from the Celts and how the Roman soldiers dressed. The highlight of the day was learning to fight with Roman shields and swords in the cavalry training ring (gyrus).

Charlotte, our Head Girl and Emily and Jessie, Deputy Head Girls took the opportunity to get to know some of the younger pupils by asking them all about their visit.

•    I enjoyed being able to ask lots of questions. (Isha)
•    The trip was interesting and I liked wearing the armour. (Daiya)
•    I liked training like a Roman soldier. (Amelia and Safoora)
•    The visit was great and I enjoyed everything. (Inaya)
•    I enjoyed learning about the Romans. (Natasha)

All of the girls interviewed clearly enjoyed the play sword fighting, visiting the shop and the picnic.  The Roman Day was a success.

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