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06 October 2023

We ended last week with a most successful Macmillan Coffee morning with our total donation being announced on Monday at our Celebration Assembly. Ava, one of our Charity Champions, also explained the change to our regular charity collection from silver bag to Pocket Money Pledges. We look forward to finding out what jobs the girls undertake.

Ava, with the help of our Prep Monitors, Ruby and Maryam, were busy later on Monday too when they helped load our second donation of books ready for delivery to West House School.  Both EHS and WHS are working in partnership to support the Children’s Book Project Charity.  These books will be gifted to children who have very few, if any, of their own.  This was the first activity of this academic year in our ‘WestEdge programme’, linking with West House School.

During Monday morning Year 2 were treated to a visit from the Fire Brigade.  They found out more about fire fighting in 2023 to compare with practices in London at the time of the Great Fire of London which they are studying in History.  It is also good to find out more about the people who help us and about different careers.

On Wednesday we celebrated the start of World Space Week in our special assembly to mark the event.  Sanvi, who is passionate about this subject took to the ‘Hot Seat’ in assembly to answer some questions about her favourite subject.  She explained what black holes are and shared the most recent space news about the Indian moon rover which has been exploring the lunar South Pole.  Sanvi explained that her interest was sparked by her father telling her space stories when she was very young.  Sanvi’s enthusiasm was clear from her confident answers.

Year 1 also went on an adventure on Wednesday when they became detectives exploring the local area.  This walk was to extend their geographical skills and knowledge of the community of the school.  They used specialist vocabulary to describe the house styles, mathematics skills to count various features and they identified examples of street furniture.

Parents of Year 1 pupils have also been welcomed into the classrooms this week for the Open House visits. We are sure they have enjoyed viewing the girls’ work and meeting informally.

Most of our co-curricular clubs and additional activities are now in full swing.  It has been good to hear the music groups training, debating on the subject of graffiti art, much sporting activity, foreign language challenges and fencing and karate happening after school to name just a few of the clubs in action.

Our week of special assemblies has ended with a celebration of National Poetry Day.  A selection of our Year 5 girls performed the onomatopoeic poems that they have been composing recently in English lessons.  They worked together in groups to combine sounds and actions to create machines.  The girls enjoyed the experience of performance poetry with very successful results on show.

In addition to all of the extra experiences that happen each week girls also gain much from their classroom lessons.  This has been demonstrated this week in Year 3 when the pupils played a plurals game to help them learn whether to add 's' or 'es' to singular nouns to make them plural.  

We look forward to welcoming our Year 1 – 5 parents next week to Parents’ Evenings and to West House joining us for the Fire of London workshop.  We would also remind everyone that girls are invited to wear a yellow accessory on Tuesday in support of World Mental Health Day and that individual photographs will be taken by The School Photography Company on Friday 13 October.

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