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Summer Term Excellence Book

Senior School

07 July 2023

We are constantly amazed by the high quality of work produced by pupils of all ages here at EHS. In recognition of that talent and hard work, each term teachers are asked to nominate outstanding or excellent work to the Excellence Book. This term, we have once again seen work of an extraordinarily high calibre produced by girls in every year and across a range of subjects. Congratulations to the following students in the Senior School and Sixth Form for some exceptional work.


Simran Bansal, Anya De (y9)

Superb presentation of Orwell’s Animal Farm during English; co-presented with aplomb. Bravo!

Amrita Dhillon, Elsie Fraser (Y9)

Exceptionally good pair presentation on George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

Alessandra Belli, Addison Byrne, Hannah Gray (Y10)

For an outstanding 2 hour long presentation on a non-fiction extract they study for IGCSE English Language. Not only did they effectively research and present, they also rose to the ‘Macro Challenge’ by finding at least one additional ‘unseen’ non-fiction extract to compare it with.

Millie Hardiman, Sakinah Rahman, Gracie Roberts, Kate Stockton, (Y10)

For an excellent presentation (more like a lesson) to their class on ‘The Danger of a Single Story’ which is in the English language anthology. They also rose to the ‘Macro Challenge’, as well as producing some very engaging slides for their presentation.

Zahra Khan, Charis Tai, Chloe Woodall (Y10)

For an excellent presentation to their class on ‘The Explorer’s Daughter’ for IGCSE English Language. The group took on board the ‘Macro Challenge’.

Evie Glass, Matilda Goodrham, Laaibah Zia (Y10)

For an excellent and visually appealing presentation on a text from their IGCSE English Language anthology. The ‘Macro Challenge’ was once again effectively implemented.


Layla Majid, Adela Sabharwal, Charlotte Vaughan (Y10)

For a most appealing and engaging presentation on a non-fiction text from the IGCSE anthology. The group not only rose to the ‘Macro Challenge’ they also took Mrs Macro on a trip down memory lane by using Dora the Explorer in their presentation.


Amrita Dhillon, Alyzah Hussain, Christie Johnson (Y9)

For achieving 100% on their Spring Geography Assessment and for showing excellent progress in their writing technique. The knowledge of all three was superb.

Joselyn Mukwakwami (Y7)

For excellent homework on OS map skills.

Hilary Cheng (Y9)

For producing outstanding work throughout the ‘Coasts’ topic, achieving merits on 3 formal homework tasks and demonstrating excellent effort and perseverance towards her Geography studies.


Angelique Kapur, Aamina Rana, Aleesa Tariq (Y8)

For an especially beautiful poster on Harriet Tubman. They were only given a small portion of time to complete this task and they worked fantastically as a group. Very informative – well done!


Siana Zacheva (Y8)

For completing some fantastic work on the Fibonacci Sequence. Outstanding effort and achievements.





Alyzah Hussain (Y9)

Alyzah read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in German and wrote a detailed and accurate book review. She also wrote a long list of magical terminology in German!

Anjali Doal (Y10)

Anjali wrote an essay for the Cambridge Language Collective Competition. She watched the film ‘Im Westen Nichts Neues’ (All Quiet on the Western Front) and wrote an analytical essay on her impressions of the film and evaluated a key scene.


Alyzah Hussain (Y9)

Alyzah has written an impressive book review in Spanish about the novel ‘The Shadow of the Wind’ by Carlos Ruiz Zafón – not only did she read the whole book in Spanish but she also wrote a detailed, well-structured and informative book review in Spanish, demonstrating a level similar to A level students. This is highly commendable. Well done!

Tiffany Latham (Y9)

Tiffany produced an outstanding piece of writing to describe her school subjects and teachers. The work that Tiffany has produced is of a very high standard – more typical of a very high grade 9 at GCSE. Very well done Tiffany.

Naomi Sze (Y7)

Naomi has produced an outstanding paragraph about what she likes/dislikes doing in her free time. It is full of connectives, time phrases and other structures that show real flair for language. Keep up the good work!

Kate Stockton (Y10)

Outstanding homework about role models and the future. Kate used the imperfect subjunctive numerous times and accurately, and her work was of A level standard.

Beant Jhutti (Y7)

Excellent paragraph describing yourself and members of your family in Spanish


Isabella Jackson (Y8)

For producing an exceptional piece of work explaining her equivalent of the Five Pillars of Islam. Her work was very detailed and displayed a willingness to make connections between her studies in her RS and her own life and values. I am so impressed with the level of effort and maturity Isabella has shown.



Lily Clarke (Y9)

For an excellent book review. Well done.

Manasa Sundar (Y9)

Manasa’s book review in Science was exceptional.

Manahil Saeed (Y9)

For an excellent book review on ‘Inheritance and Evolution’. Manahil was particularly interested in the legendary talks surrounding evolution.

Lana Khan (Y9)

For an excellent book review on ‘Sapiens: A brief history of mankind’. Lana discovered it was not so brief and was particularly fascinated by the fact there were several members of the genus ‘Homo’.

Isobel Gough, Phoebe Lindenmeyer, Kavya Modhvadia, Zaina Murtaza (Y7)

Excellent project testing stretch sweets.

Jessica Joberns, Tasneem Suliman, Susanna Tomlinson, Annabelle Walker (Y7)

For an excellent project on testing fruit batteries.

Maya Bradstock, Lucy Coleman, Violet Walker, Sophie Yaqoob (Y10)

For an excellent Biology presentation.


Christie Johnson (Y9)

For an excellent book review.

Rhiana Rafeeq (Y9)

For an excellent book review.

Harleen Garcha (Y9)

An excellent book review.

Alyzah Hussain

An excellent book review.


Jessica Bland, Sophie Bushall, Lottie Holloway (Y8)

For an excellent video on the life and work of Tiera Guinn Fletcher.

Sarah Gray, Aleyah Ahmed, Jossie Ding (Y8)

Excellent video of the life of Sunita Williams.

Anya De (Y9)

For an excellent book review on forces in vehicles. Anya gave a detailed explanation of what the book covered and why we should read it.


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