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Reception learn about 'people who help us'


05 July 2019

Girls in Westbourne spent time thinking about people who help us as part of their Beyond the Curriculum day. 

R3 went to visit Mr Flynn and heard about all the things he does to help us in school with our computers. R5 spent time in the kitchen and the Senior School dining room to watch how the dinner ladies and chefs prepare for lunch. R4 went for a walk to the Prep School office where they saw Mrs Williams and Mrs Angrave busy doing a wide range of jobs as well as answering the telephone on numerous occasions. 

R4 also walked past Nurse Heyes who was busy in the first aid room and they were also lucky enough to meet Mrs Ash, the librarian, in the Prep School library. 

Kindergarten and Nursery took the opportunity to talk to two police officers who had come to visit Westbourne playground with their special police car. A visit, that was of course, arranged in advance!

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