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Psychology students visit house of Sigmund Freud

Sixth Form

22 June 2018

On Monday 19 June, Year 12 psychology students travelled to London to visit the Freud museum - home of the father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, and his daughter, Anna.
We travelled to a sunny and cloudless London via train, arriving at Euston station at approximately 10.45am. We then walked to the museum and had the opportunity to explore the house whilst completing a short quiz. Within the museum were many artefacts, including: photographs of various objects (such as satellite dishes), books, and the famous ‘psychiatrist’s couch’- which has become synonymous with the treatment given by any therapist. While we were there, we learned of Freud’s family history, his theory of personality development and dream interpretation.

Freud’s work, although dating back to the 20th century, has shaped modern talking therapies and still has huge positive impacts on those with several different mental health conditions- in fact, those who visit the museum often burst into tears upon entering his therapy room!
When the tour finished at 1.30pm we walked to Hampstead High Street and were allowed a few hours of free time to eat lunch and explore the area and the nearby park, before returning to Euston station for a train journey back to New Street. 

Many thanks to the Psychology department for organising such a fantastic day out and giving up their time to take us. It will definitely help us in our future learning about Freud and was needed after our hard work for our end of year exams!

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