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25 October 2019

Our week began with a number of celebrations. Firstly we were able to announce our Silver Bag collection for the half term and to share the total of £400 raised from our 'Wear it Pink' Day which involved girls, staff and parents. We also celebrated harvest time and remembered how lucky we are to have enough to eat and treats to enjoy each day. The girls showed their gratitude by contributing a very generous amount of goods to our harvest collection. Thank you to all families in Westbourne and Prep who donated items.

Whilst we were looking forward to our Diwali and STREAM days we also looked back to last week when Year 1 extended their History knowledge with a trip back in time to Stone Age days. They enjoyed finding more about how different the way of life was for these ancient people.

Year 2 girls have also been enriching their History curriculum. They enjoyed a visit from the local White Watch firefighting team from Bournbrook station to explore the differences between firefighting in 1666 and firefighting now. The girls were able to see equipment a modern firefighter would use and learnt vital lifesaving CPR skills.

They were taught how to respond to an emergency and squirting the hose was the highlight of the visit. Well done to Year 2 girls for listening carefully and making the team feel welcome at EHS.

Year 2 have also been learning about Diwali. They reused milk cartons to design and make Diwali elephants and learnt about the story of Rama and Sita. Mrs Jhanjee wore traditional clothes and shared how she celebrates this Hindu and Sikh Festival of Light.

In Reception, girls have been developing their skills for the future. They have been using the iPad to reinforce their counting skills in their Mathematics lessons. Girls have enjoyed sharing reading their new books purchased from Usborne books. We would like to thank Westbourne parents who purchased books from our Usborne book collection recently as we were able to spend £120 for the library. Girls have loved reading all about bugs and looking for them on the pages!

This half term has ended with a very exciting day which we will report further on in the first edition of Friday Headlines next half term. Girls in Westbourne enjoyed a range of activities to mark their Diwali Day whilst girls in Years 1 - 6 explored and experimented with STREAM subjects. They were engaged in Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Art and Mathematics.

Girls in Years 1 - 6 are reminded that our Prep Challenge board this term focuses on famous buildings and architecture around the world. Over half term the girls have been challenged to choose a famous building or structure to research and then to present a factsheet, poster of information or model. So far, independent Challenge Board work has looked at York Minster, The Taj Mahal and the Eiffel Tower. This is a good opportunity to encourage girls to continue to foster their curiosity in STREAM subjects.  

We hope everyone enjoys the half term break and we look forward to seeing everyone back at school on November 4th.

Mrs Sally Hartley
Head of Preparatory School


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