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24 May 2019

On Thursday of last week, we enjoyed our last Teatime Concert of the year and were entertained by our senior musicians in Years 5 and 6 who all gave confident performances. Some of the Year 6 girls were then in action again on Friday morning when girls in 6H transported us back to Ancient Greece to share some of the history they have learnt this year.

Friendship was the theme we started this week with, as 6I shared their thoughts on this important subject.  They helped us to consider what makes a good friend and how we should not take our friendships for granted.

Later in the morning Year 5 girls visited our school allotment where they applied knowledge learnt from their residential in Yorkshire to assess the biodiversity in plants and minibeasts.

The recent birth of the new royal baby has added to the work of the girls in Year 2 on the Royal Family.  They enjoyed making a card to send to Archie that we are sure that the new family will be delighted with. They then focused on the more senior members as they completed some family trees. 

The girls have also enjoyed the experience of working with clay to create some pottery fish. They learnt the ‘slip technique’ to add on an eye or a fin before using pearlescent paints to decorate.  The patterns were made using a variety of materials including maths cubes, counters, buttons, pieces of Lego and cotton reels.

Our celebration assemblies were spread over two days this week. On Tuesday, we congratulated our Key Stage 2 pupils on their swimming achievements from Learn to Swim awards to Personal Survival and Safety in the Water certificates. There were Independent Learning Awards for Scarlett and Maryam on their water work and individual awards for Amber Gill for her success at the Northfield Festival of Music and Drama having been the winner in six different classes and for Keira who was presented with a cricket trophy.

When Reception joined us for assembly on Wednesday, we presented the Well Done certificates for a whole range of endeavours.  We hope Reception girls will look forward to receiving some of these when they join Prep in September.

We also announced the winners of the Independent Moon Projects undertaken by Year 2 girls.  The entries included posters, some with 3D features, models and a wide range of research skills.  We congratulated all girls who entered and presented certificates to everyone.  Our overall winners were Naina, Grace, Lucy, Asees and Zaina. Well done everyone!

Other congratulations must be offered to our Year 6 Enterprise groups.  Each of the six groups began with £10, bought a range of goods and packaging and then marketed their products.  These were then sold at break time to some very excited ‘shoppers’ in Prep.  We are delighted to announce that the overall profit made was approximately £200, which will all be donated to charity.

We hope everyone enjoys the half term break and we look forward to seeing girls back at school on June 3.  We start the next half term with a gala against Warwick, a meeting for parents of girls in Year 6 about the French Trip and our Year 2 swimming gala.

Mrs Sally Hartley
Head of Preparatory School

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