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22 June 2018

At the end of last week we were entertained at a number of events.  Year 6 girls were transported to Ancient Egypt and an audience of parents and friends enjoyed an evening of music at our Summer Concert.  Year 3 girls travelled to the Lickey Hills where they extended their Geography, Science and Maths skills.  You can read more about these events in the additional stories.

We hope the fathers of our girls in 1A enjoyed their very special assembly on Friday and that the girls fulfilled their promises made to bring breakfast in bed, do the gardening and let them watch the football in peace on Fathers’ Day.  Even if these did not happen we are sure that the parents enjoyed hearing the girls’ thoughts about their Dads and the song written specially for the morning.

Monday of this week had been much anticipated as it was finally the day of our Summer Fair.  Before it began we held our Celebration Assembly at which the weekly Well Done certificates were presented along with individual swimming awards.  We were also pleased to present our second round of Independent Learning certificates having presented our very first ones last week to Aa’ishah, Cora and Jessica for completing one of the challenges on the Topic Challenge Board, based this half term on the topic of Dogs.  Congratulations to all of the girls who have taken up a challenge, whether it was Maths, Science or research.  Well done also to Olivia Parker who received her gold Scrapbook Award.

Then it was out to the Summer Fair.  The Prep Parliament Representatives have been very involved in arrangements with their classes who had to design advertising posters, plan their stall and organise the rotas to allow everyone to be involved but also to have time to enjoy the other games on offer.  The playground was buzzing with happy girls winning prizes, taking part in a variety of games and challenges and spending their 20p pieces.  The afternoon was enjoyed by all from Reception to Year 6 and we are now waiting to hear how much money has been raised in total.  

On Tuesday parents joined us for yet another exciting Inter-House gala.  This one was contested by the girls in Year 4 and we were very impressed by their swimming.  Once again there was only one point deciding the result and in Year 4 Frank House were the winners.  Well done Year 4!

Wednesday brought an opportunity for the parents of girls in 1C to be entertained at their class assembly.  They reviewed all of the events and activities they have enjoyed this year and shared their special memories.  We all enjoyed, their recounts, the photographs and the special song written for the morning which caused many a tear.

Next week we are all excited by our Space Day taking place on Wednesday and we wish Year 4 good luck in their ESB examinations.

Mrs Sally Hartley
Head of Preparatory School

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