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26 October 2018

The girls in the Prep School always enjoy finding out about historical events and the way people in the past lived. Last Friday was no exception when Year 1 travelled back in time to the Stone Age. The workshop helped them to understand how early people lived and gave them the opportunity to handle some authentic artefacts.

Meanwhile the girls in Westbourne were looking to the future when they spent the day considering the range of jobs people do and what they might like to do for a career. The opportunity to dress up also gave the girls the chance to extend their language and communication skills.

This week, girls in Westbourne and Prep, were encouraged to be grateful for all that we have as they were involved in Harvest assemblies. We sent the very generous donations of food items to the Birmingham Crisis Centre and are grateful to the girls who helped us to pack all the bags and boxes ready for delivery. Well done Charlotte, Anna, Tula, Manya and Esme and thank you. On Tuesday we had a very busy morning as girls had their photographs taken by the School Photography Company. These will be brought home soon and parents will have the opportunity to buy them. Some early Christmas shopping perhaps!

As we reached the end of the half term a rosy glow shone from the school as girls and staff from Nursery to Year 13 in Senior School came dressed in pink. Our support of this day in aid of Breast Cancer Care raised £380 in Westbourne and Prep. Another big thank you to girls and parents for your support of this worthy charity.

Wednesday was also our Celebration Assembly. We began with congratulating our Year 1 and 2 girls on their endeavours which earned them Well Done Certificates. There were individual presentations to Willow who received the AM Hudson Trophy and medals from her swimming club championships, to Zahra also for swimming and completing a fact finder trail at Sea Life, to Hannaya for Gymnastics and to Olivia who was most successful in recent dance examinations. We congratulated Zoe for an acting award and Navya for her participation in the Birmingham Great Mini Run and for raising £525 for Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

During the assembly we also drew winners for our Courtesy Counts awards for this half term. Well done to Ellie, Tasneem, Sakinah, Sofia, Samara and Gabby who were the lucky recipients of the prizes. We are also delighted by the number of awards received which indicates clearly how polite and helpful the girls are.

Two Independent Learning awards were presented to Cora and Anisha too for the first entries in the Green Challenge. They had answered different questions. Cora had researched how Greenland got its name and Anisha explained why leaves are green. We hope many other girls will be encouraged to enter the challenge next week.
I close this week wishing everyone a very happy and restful half term break and look forward to seeing everyone back at school on Monday 5 November.  

Mrs Sally Hartley
Head of Preparatory School

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