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13 October 2017

This has been a busy week for all during which we have welcomed parents of girls from Nursery to Year 6 in to school for Parents’ Evenings to find out about their daughters’ progress.

We have also congratulated girls on a number of achievements. These have included presenting our Well Done certificates to Year 1 and 2 and hearing a full report of the success of our Year 6 Netball Squad in the match played against St Mary’s which was won 8 – 3.

Individual awards were also made to Willow Bevan who was awarded the trophy for the top 8 year old in the Boldmere Swimming Club Championships in addition to breaking the club record for 25m Fly. Bella, in Year 2, was presented with the chef’s hat she had won in a ‘Bake Off’ competition at the weekend in the Junior Section. Finally, we congratulated Cora who was announced as the winner in the Dragonfly Tea Short Story Competition for 2017 in the 4-7 age group. Her story, ‘The Magic Fidget Spinner’ was praised for being engaging and full of original ideas. Her story has been printed and, in addition to winning a personal book token, Cora also won £100 to be spent on books for the school library. We are very proud of the range of skills and talents our girls display.

The Gardening Club girls have been busy harvesting the produce growing at the allotment and each week have been weighing the pumpkins. This week’s winner was Carmen who guessed the weight correctly at 7.5 kg. Our final weigh in will take place during the Harvest Assembly on Monday.

In addition to their many extra-curricular activities, the girls have been extending their classroom studies. In Reception the girls have been learning about size - longest and shortest. They have made wriggly worms out of playdough to experiment. In K2 the girls have turned a selection of autumn leaves into sun-catchers which look very festive.

Girls in 3J have been practising the art of origami and have produced some beautiful folded shapes to make patterns which are now displayed in the Art Studio.

Year 5 are studying sound this half term in Science. For a homework they made their own instruments. Each instrument was designed to produce at least two different pitched sounds and could also be played at different volumes. They had fun in lessons sharing their designs and playing in a make-shift orchestra.

Year 2 were all ready to find out about the work of the fire brigade to compare to the conditions during the Great Fire of London when, unfortunately, the engine and fire fighters were called away to an emergency. We look forward to a further visit next week.

Year 1 have ended the week with a journey back in time to the Stone Age which we will report on next week.

We wish our Year 6 girls well in their Senior School Entrance examination at the weekend and look forward to Harvest Festival on Monday. Girls from Nursery to Year 6 are reminded to bring in their packets and tins by Monday morning. We would also like to remind everyone that next Wednesday is Pink Day in the Prep School on the last day of this half term.

Mrs Sally Hartley
Head of Preparatory School

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