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31 January 2020

We begin each week with a celebration of events and achievements and this week there was much to be proud of. On Monday we were keen to learn how members of our school community had celebrated Chinese New Year. Girls in After School Care were given the opportunity to further celebrate with a range of craft activities.

In assembly other celebrations included awards for Year 1 and 2 girls and a Fencing Grade one Foil award for Ruqayyah. We welcomed our two student teachers who have joined us in the Prep School for the next few weeks. They are already enjoying working with the girls in Kindergarten and Year 1.  

On Tuesday evening, members of the Swim Squad travelled to St Martin’s School for a gala which ended in a draw and we congratulate our swimmers.

Birthdays are always an event to celebrate and this week the whole school gathered to mark the school’s birthday. It is very special when all girls and staff from Nursery to Year 13 gather in the Octagon. This year was extra-special as two of our Westbourne girls also had a birthday on the same day.  No birthday is complete without cake and we all enjoyed our break time treat.

Westbourne girls have been busy too with a Beyond the Curriculum Day based on the theme of storytelling. In Reception the girls have also been learning about gnomes and have been enjoying addition activities in Mathematics lessons. To reinforce their understanding they created their own addition calculations using cubes.  They then wrote the sums out on whiteboards demonstrating their independent learning skills.

In Nursery this week the girls’ activities have been linked with ‘Sing a Song of Sixpence.’ They have spread honey on bread, counted out and sorted money and washed the dolls’ clothes and hung them out to dry.  We had hoped but sunshine to no avail.  The girls have really enjoyed the different skills involved.

We have ended the week with a Year 3 and 4 Teatime Concert and a Year 5 assembly which we will report on next week.

Next week we are looking forward to welcoming parents to a number of events all on Thursday including, Year 1 Open House and 5E Class assembly on Thursday morning and Year 4 Culmington Manor meeting in the evening.

Mrs Sally Hartley
Head of Preparatory School 

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