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29 November 2019

At the end of last week we welcomed parents to join us for a class assembly from 1B. The audience of girls, parents and staff were delighted to learn more about the Year 1 trip to Tamworth Castle which had been to extend their history topic on houses and homes. It was clear that the interactive method of learning had been very successful as the girls shared many facts they had learnt.

On Monday, at our Celebration Assembly girls were delighted to hear the results of the Pudsey Bear Competition from our Children in Need fundraising. The girls had worked together in teams of 6 to decorate a section of Pudsey each. It had been a difficult job to judge and there were two winners, one voted for by the girls and the other by staff. There were two runners up too.

After assembly Prep Hall was out of action as it was filled by the StarDome, inflatable planetarium which was visited by Year 5 and Reception girls. After revising their knowledge of the solar system the girls were able to handle pieces of a meteor which were over 50,000 years old.

Drama was the theme on Tuesday. We began the day with an assembly performed in Latin when Year 5 presented the story of Little Red Riding Hood. This was followed, for Year 6, by a workshop held by Senior School teachers based on the current school production of Miss Saigon.

Year 4 girls were undeterred by the wet weather when they set off for Selly Manor on Wednesday. The visit was linked with their History studies on the Tudors.  

We are looking forward to the EHSPA tree lighting event on Friday evening to close this week. Then, next week we will welcome parents to our Westbourne performance on Tuesday, Year 2 parents on Wednesday and the parents of our guitarists on Thursday. Year 1 parents are invited to an Open House on Wednesday morning and we wish our swimmers good luck for the gala on Tuesday against Highclare School.

Mrs Sally Hartley
Head of Preparatory School

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