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19 May 2023

Life in Prep this week has been quieter without the majority of our Year 6 girls who have been in France on a residential trip. The girls will have much to talk about next week and we look forward to hearing about their exploits. The girls based in school have visited the Botanics, studied and created posters and art work from several different cultures and have enjoyed a number of edible treats.

Our Year 5 girls have been very busy following up on their residential trip with their new found skills. They have visited the school allotment to analyse the biodiversity using biological sampling techniques. The weather this week has certainly helped them to enjoy extending their learning outside. Back in the Prep Laboratory the Super Science Club members have been able to use anatomy skills to dissect the heart, lungs and liver of a lamb. They were able to study the working of these organs and it is clear we have many with the skills and aspirations to follow careers as surgeons or veterinarians.

Swimming is a very popular sport and pastime for many EHS Prep girls who enjoy lessons from Reception through to Year 6.  Year 2, this week, experienced their first Inter House Gala in front of a very supportive audience of parents. They all showcased their developing skills swimming down the full length of the pool and then enjoyed a range of different races.  We were impressed with their confidence and look forward to watching their continued progress.

The broad range of co-curricular clubs is well under way for the summer term. History Club girls have been learning about the role of religion in the Aztec Civilisation and crafted their own version of Centeotl, the God of maize.  The Cricket Clubs offered to girls in Years 3 to 6 have been well attended and Gardening Club girls are having a busy time as everything is growing well at the allotment. The girls learning karate have begun to prepare for their next gradings, as have the LAMDA girls who took examinations recently.

Our week has ended with our Celebration Assembly. Firstly, well done and thank you to Davica, in Year 4 who accompanied our hymn in our Key Stage 1 assembly this week. There were further medals to present from the Coronation Gymnastics competition to Khaiya Kara, Zara Gurkan and Nemah Visram for outstanding performances.

The Chocolate Day Challenge Board has brought in many more pieces of independent work. Our chocolate designers have been busy creating new products and our bakers have been hard at work. One girl has even designed a science experiment based on different types of chocolate. This topic has encouraged many creative skills to come to the fore and we congratulate Safa Ismail, Emily Hadley, Faatema Fiaz, Supreeta Kalsi Jogi, Charlotte Hyem, Jashvita Santhosh and Ellise Eveleigh on their range of entries.

We look forward to celebrating the wealth of personal skills and different cultures in our Prep School on Monday on our beyond the curriculum Diversity Day.  We also look forward to welcoming parents of girls in Years 3 and 6 to the House swimming galas and Year 5 and 6 Teatime Concert.

Sally Hartley
Head of Preparatory School

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