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Families Day in Nursery


19 May 2023

Monday 15 May was International Day of Families and the girls in Nursery were excited that their parents, grandparents and members of their families had been invited to join them for the afternoon in school.

In preparation for an activity to share with their families the girls made some cakes in the morning.  They enjoyed working together to mix the ingredients and were delighted with the result when the cakes came out of the oven.

We welcomed many of our families who enjoyed working with the girls to decorate the cakes with a variety of toppings and colours.

Our visitors were also able to look through the girls’ Learning Journeys, showing the vast amount of work the girls have completed and the huge progress they have made during the year.  

Meeting up with each other and with staff definitely had an ‘EHS Family’ feel and we all thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon.

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