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12 June 2020

This week began with an assembly to mark World Ocean Day celebrated worldwide on June 8.  The girls had already completed much research work on our EHS Oceans Off-Curriculum Day before half term and showed that they have an excellent awareness of the environmental threats facing ocean life.  They also know what they must do to help.  Hana in Year 1 produced a poster to put in her window to inspire other people too.

Creatures that live in the ocean have been the theme of the Good Morning messages in Westbourne and the girls have learnt some new facts about the octopus, crab, eel, angel fish and narwhal. The girls have also made animal masks in Reception in line with their topic for the term. 

In Kindergarten this week girls have made kites as part of their phonics lessons for the week.  They have also considered what makes a superhero and in K2 they imagined themselves in the role.

Whilst girls have been at home they have continued to enjoy reading and sharing their books with their teachers. Lara in Year 1 shared her favourite book about Paddington and even dressed up as the character. Her friends enjoyed seeing her on the year group blog and sent messages to say they wished they were together to dress up.

Year 3 girls have furthered their studies of the Anglo Saxons finding out about the food they ate.  The extension task, tackled by a number of pupils, was to bake some honey bread. The results looked delicious.

Art and Design Technology skills have been developed by the girls in Year 4 this week.  They have drawn portraits of Frida Kahlo and have been working on techniques to produce their pop-up books.  

In line with their Science topic on plants, in Year 5 they were also encouraged to be creative by using a variety of different materials to produce a scientific design of a flower.

We are impressed by the different skills that the girls are continuing to develop during this time of ‘working together whilst apart’ and acknowledge the support from parents of their daughters’ learning.  Keep up the good work girls!

Mrs Sally Hartley
Head of Preparatory School

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