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08 November 2019

Everyone arrived back at school refreshed after the half term break. It was clear the girls had been busy with the awarding of a number of Independent Work certificates in our celebration assembly which started the week. There were also individual awards for girls who had completed the first level of their computer coding challenge and for Asees Nagra who received her medal for taking part in a Great Birmingham Junior Run.

We also congratulated Emma in Year 5 as she is the first girl in the country to achieve full marks in the first round of the Junior Language Challenge.  

Our activities to fundraise for Children in Need were also launched with the pupils. These will include a physical challenge and an art project requiring working in a group. These both fit in well with the national theme this year which is ’Get Together’. Girls are also invited to come to school on Friday 15 November in spotty non-uniform.  The clothes must be ones they can take part in the physical challenge in but otherwise can be as spotty as possible.

There was great excitement in Year 6 as Mr Skilbeck revealed that this year’s production was going to be an original performance of 'Peter Pan' which has been performed on only one other occasion ever. It is full of original songs which the girls will start learning ahead of rehearsals which will begin next term. We hope the girls will pick up some acting skills from their Shakespeare workshop this week.

Fireworks have been much the theme of the week in several year groups.  Nursery girls refined a number of practical skills as they created many patterns made by fireworks. In Year 2 they have been learning about the story behind Bonfire night. They have sequenced pictures showing the main events and followed an instructional text to create a Guy. They also collected ‘Pennies for the Guy’ outside their classrooms at the end of the day. 

Many girls are looking forward to the EHSPA Fireworks Party on Saturday evening at school.  If parents have not bought tickets they are available on the gates on Saturday which open at 6.30 pm.  

Next week, there is a gala at St Martin’s School for Year 5 and 6 Swim Squad and the trip to Tamworth Castle for Year 1 girls to enjoy. Parents are also invited to join their daughters on Thursday morning in Prep Hall from 8.15 am for an exercise session before school and the work day begins.  We all look forward to a busy half term ahead.

Mrs Sally Hartley
Head of Preparatory School

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