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01 February 2019

Following last week’s Big Bird Watch Assembly, we were delighted to see how many girls had completed the survey over the weekend. The older Eco Reps are now analysing the results which have also been submitted to the national survey. We are looking forward to seeing how the results in our area compare to the rest of the country.
Monday also saw many congratulations offered in our Celebration Assembly. There were the weekly ‘Well Done’ awards for Years 1 and 2, swimming awards and medals, certificates for different styles of dance, a guitar award and a number of badges for Year 6 girls for passing Grade 1 Foil in Fencing.

Further success was celebrated on Tuesday when our Swim Squad had another fantastic win at Solihull School. Girls in Year 3 and 4 were particularly impressive, looking confident, swimming hard and fighting to finish ahead of their opponents. The relays were well drilled, and all girls looked like they were really enjoying themselves despite the snow outside.

Earlier in the day on Tuesday, half of Year 6 went on a trip to the largest Hindu temple in Europe. The girls were very excited and were not disappointed. The guide told stories, explained about the Gods and answered all of the girls’ questions. They even had a small sweet from one of the Gods!  The girls very much enjoyed the morning and learnt many of the myths and legends in the Hindu Religion.
In the afternoon, Year 2 girls were delighted to listen to Mrs Boocock, a parent, talk about her home country of Northern Ireland to extend their Geography studies. She showed the girls many photos and brought in traditional foods to help them learn more about one of the countries of the United Kingdom. Thank you to Mrs Boocock.

Year 2 have been busy scientists investigating colours and light using coloured light boxes to make white light. They also used prisms to split white light into all the colours of the spectrum forming rainbows all around their classrooms.

Wednesday brought a special assembly for the girls when the whole school from Nursery to Sixth Form gathered in the Octagon for the Birthday Assembly. This is a special event when we always enjoy singing with the Senior pupils and finding out more about EHS. 

There was more interaction with Senior School later in the day when Year 5 girls enjoyed their second set of masterclasses with Senior Scholars, enjoying a number of Science and Arts opportunities.

Next week, the second half of Year 6 will visit the Hindu Temple and Year 3 and 4 Choir have a Choral Day. We also look forward to welcoming Year 1 parents to Open House on Thursday morning and Year 4 parents in the evening to a meeting regarding the trip to Culmington Manor. It is then the turn of 5F parents to join us for the class assembly on Friday morning.

We clearly have another busy week ahead.

Mrs Sally Hartley
Head of Preparatory School

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