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Junior linguist impresses at competition

21 September 2018

On Thursday 13 September 2018, we had the pleasure of attending the semi-finals of the Junior Language Challenge (JLC) in Loughborough with Bhavna Marri. This is a nationwide language competition for primary school aged children, with all entry fees donated to Onebillion, a non-profit software publisher, with the goal of transforming learning for one billion marginalised children - £11,000 was raised in 2017.

EHS entered the JLC in May 2018, with many girls from Years 3 and 4 obtaining very high scores. After sailing through the first round of the challenge in Spanish, Bhavna, aged 7, had just two months to learn the Cambodian language of Khmer for the semi final. This was an incredibly difficult task which Bhavna undertook with considerable determination and tenacity. 

During the JLC semi final, there were two groups that competed against each other under timed conditions. The top eight from each group went into the overall final round. It was extremely tense, with teaching staff nervously watching the scores fluctuate over each timed session. The final standings ranked Bhavna 9th in the entire region. This is an outstanding achievement especially as many of the other children were a year or two older than Bhavna and had experienced this competition before. 

Bhavna was awarded a medal, certificate and goody bag for her efforts and vowed to come back even stronger next year. We were all extremely proud of her. Bravo, Bhavna!

Madame Hennous

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