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10 September 2021

It has been lovely welcoming the children back to school and seeing them playing happily together in the playground at break times. We know that after the summer break the girls are really keen to see their friends and our new girls in every year from Nursery to Year 6 are settling in very well. We wish them a happy school career at EHS. 
In Westbourne, our youngest pupils are already coming into school independently with many leaving their parents at the school gate in less than a week. They have welcomed activities in the sunshine and in the classroom.

We have enjoyed hearing about their holiday achievements too. These range from excellent results in Music examinations to dance successes on stage and in competitions and making the most of exciting opportunities to extend their skills such as participation in Apple workshops and cricket training. Well done girls, we are really looking forward to further success as the year progresses.

Girls are also busy in their lessons and are establishing a good work ethic already.  We know they are looking forward to extending their skills in the wide range of extra-curricular activities which will be starting in the next couple of weeks.  It will be good to return to some sense of normality with girls busy before, during and after the school day.

The first challenge of the new term has come ahead of Roald Dahl Day on Monday 13 September. The girls heard about the interesting career of Roald Dahl and, out of all the millions of authors there are, he is one of very few who has a special day when we celebrate his books. The girls are tasked with writing an interesting question they would like to ask their favourite Roald Dahl character. This challenge has already sparked much exciting conversation with children trying to decide which is their favourite.  We are looking forward to finding out what they would ask.

We wish our older pupils good luck with the examinations they have ahead of them in this half term and look forward to sharing all of the girls’ successes as the year progresses.

Mrs Sally Hartley
Head of Preparatory School

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